Schedule of Sacha Kripa


Sacha Kripa
Tramweg 11
7596 NA Rossum (OV)
The Netherlands


Meditation sessions

Gayatri Mantra

108 times recitation of Gayatri Mantra, followed by silent meditation.
Every thursday: 9 - 10 AM



Satsang with Jivanjili

For Satsang and Intensive with Jivanjili click here: Schedule


Satsang means ‘gathering in Truth’. In satsang the audience is asked to bring forth heart's questions. Jivanjili shines a light, always pointing to the Wisdom that resides deeply within in each and everyone. Her teachings are characterized by clarity, joy and spontaneity.


Winter – Spring Intensive

March 16 - 30 

at Sacha Kripa in Rossum