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“Like water knows to be wet
so simple, so natural
so is ‘THAT’ what you are”



“The Love, Clarity and Support of Jivanjili awakened Love and Clarity within me.
Jivanjili’s enthusiasm, encouragement and vision are the source of inspiration for the realization and development of Sacha Kripa.”

Full of joy and in deep gratitude, Prashanti

Sacha Kripa is blessed with the regular presence of spiritual guide Jivanjili.
In Love and Clarity, Jivanjili points ceaselessly to the authentic inner wisdom that resides in each and everything motionless and undivided.
Averse to theory, she invites you to investigate for yourself.
Although rooted in the Sacha Lineage, Jivanjili is not bound by any tradition.
From Medicine wheel to mantra, from satsang to sweatlodge and from sitting in silence to traveling all continents: the possibilities to be in the enlightened presence of Jivanjili are immensely diverse and always point to “That”, the essence in All.


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Website Jivanjili: www.jivanjili.org