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Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra


  2. Om, homage to the blissful Holy Perfect Wisdom!
  3. Avalokiteshvara*, Holy Bodhisattva, moving in deep wisdom
  4. Saw below the five heaps**: these he saw in essence empty
  5. Here O Shariputra*** form is emptiness, the very emptiness is form;
  6. Not separate from form is emptiness, not separate from emptiness is form
  7. What is form that is emptiness; what is emptiness is form
  8. Like this are feelings, thoughts, impressions, understandings
  9. Here O Shariputra all phenomena are marked with emptiness and
  10. Not created, not destroyed, not impure, not pure, not deficient, not complete
  11. O Shariputra therefore in the emptiness is no form
  12. And no feeling, thought, impression, understanding
  13. And no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind
  14. No form, sound, smell, taste, touch or thought
  15. No element of eyes and so forth to no-mind conscious element
  16. No ignorance, no end of ignorance, and so forth to
  17. No old age and no death, no end of old age or of death
  18. No sorrow, cause or end, no path; no knowing, no attachment and nonattachment
  19. Thus O Shariputra, with this nonattainment does Bodhisattva
  20. On the Perfect Wisdom place reliance, thus removing thought obstruction,
  21. With no thought obstruction is no fear beyond all error,
  22. He is certain of Nirvana
  23. Buddhas of the three times all
  24. Awaken to the highest, perfect and complete enlightenment relying on the Perfect Wisdom.
  25. Therefore we should know the Perfect Wisdom, the Great Mantra
  26. Great bright magic mantra, highest mantra and unequalled mantra
  27. Cure of every sorrow, true because not false.
  28. In Perfect Wisdom is the mantra spoken:

*      Avalokiteschvara is a bodhisattva embodying the compassion of all Buddhas.
**     Form, feeling(sensation), perception, mental formations, consciousness.
***   Shariputra is one of Gautama de Buddhas most important disciples.
**** Go, go beyond, Go beyond the highest reality, beyond enlightenment and also being that, Offering itSelf unto itself

Shakyamuni Gautama the Buddha


recitation of the Heart Sutra

Recitation and text of the Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra in Japanese

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