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Medicine Buddha Mantra


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It is a sad time for the world.
We must realize that this great illness we experience at this time in not isolated to the USA or the Middle East or even the invisible Terrorists.
This illness that is so evident today is rooted way back in time and will continue to reach far into the future
until every being comes to the great realization that greed and self-centered hypocrisy is the true enemy of humanity.
Wherever it may originate or wherever it may be directed, it is this enemy that we must overcome.
So let us begin within ourselves.
"We ourselves are the great medicine for the great illness.


 Short version of the Medicine Buddha Mantra

Tayata Om Bekanze
Bekanze Maha BeKanze
Radza Samudgate Soha


The mantra means:
May the many sentient beings
who are sick,
quickly be freed from sickness.
And may all the sicknesses of beings
Never arise again.

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Long version of the Medicine Buddha Mantra


 Om namo bhagawate Bhaishjaye guru

vaidurya prabha rajaya tathagataya
arhate samyaksam buddhaya teyatha
om bekhajye bekhajye maha bekhajye
bekhajye rajaya samudgate svaha

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The long version of the Mantra word for word

  1. OM: We begin with Om the under-current tone of the universe.
  2. NAMO: Means yielding or full of trust also can mean to bend or bow and might mean to melt into.
  3. bhagawate: means in intimate relation to the Divine and often means the entire cosmos
  4. Bhaishjaye: a name for the Medicine Buddha
  5. guru: Spiritual Master also means the “that” which transmutes ignorance into wisdom
  6. vaidurya prabha: Divine deep blue light, like that of Lapis Lazuli.
  7. Rajaya: means Great King
  8. Tathagataya: means once came or once gone
  9. arhate: one who has conquered the cycle of birth death
  10. samyaksam buddhaya: perfectly enlightened
  11. teyatha: do it like this
  12. OM: Again we begin with Om the under-current tone of the universe
  13. bekhajye bekhajye: do away with the pain of illness
  14. maha bekhajye: do away with the pain of illness (of the darkness of Spiritual Ignorance)
  15. bekhajye: do away with the pain of illness
  16. Samudgate: means the supreme heights. Like this, go go go  (my prayer shall go to the highest and the widest and the deepest.)
  17. svaha: I offer this prayer and now relinquish it …  (to you Medicine Buddha)


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